To register you only have to press the button register, fill out the form with your details and send it. An confirmation email will be sent to you, because you know that when you register You agree to the terms of use and privacy policy. If you don't get the e-mail, see your folder spam or go to About and put in issue, problem with register


For login, you must press the enter button, fill out the form with your e-mail and password, if it fails, you can press the symbol !? that will show the form to recover your password, if you do not get the e-mail go to About and put in issue problem with password

Links & Websites

Add the links of the websites you want. To edit and delete double-click on the container that surrounds them. No add an IP, may fail. Any error can be related to the URL, if the error persists you can go to About and put Problem with link detailing your problem

Background & text colours

The text and background colors are hexadecimal codes, as # F1F1F1 , a invalid code will cause the colors of your website aren't seen, so think about it to put colors, if you have any problems you can report in About


This section is accessed through Dirlin logo, click it and you will see the recommendations. The recommendations are based on the filter that you choose. If you see a inappropriate web, you can report it in About

Order links

This function is really intuitive, you only have to select the link to the position you want, do not get none in the box above. Once you have the order that you like, click to order and wait for the response message